Psychotherapy for  Adults and Couples

Cynthia Ropek, MA
545 Collyer Street Longmont,CO 80501 720-933-0661

Welcome.  This site presents  information about my psychotherapy practice.  I look forward to speaking with you about how we might work together.


I provide individual and couples' counseling in Longmont, Colorado. Psychotherapy can be a resource for healing the heart and rewiring the brain, helping you discover resilience and inner strengths that you may have forgotten due to trauma or loss.  My focus is to help you approach the challenges of life with more authenticity and ease by releasing long-held thought, behavior, and somatic patterns that can cause anxiety, depression, and a sense of disconnection.  I am especially interested in helping people foster secure relationships.


I have an  interactive approach that blends warmth, curiosity, and compassion with effective, evidence-based therapeutic modalities.


My office is located in the historic Mitchell Office Building at

545 Collyer Street, just 3 blocks east of downtown Longmont.